Sunday morning witnessed two tragic accidents on southbound Highway 101. The accidents caused one person’s death and left four people injured. The first crash occurred around 4:20 a.m. on the southbound freeway. The crashes on Highway are rising with J curve growth due to lack of  road safety guidance.

The Nissan Sentra lost control and went off the right side of the freeway and crashed around 40 to 50 feet down an embankment. It rolled over several times, ejecting a female passenger out from the car on the road, she died at the scene of the crash. Another female passenger of the car sustained critical injuries and was transported by ambulance to the Ventura County Medical Center.

According to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Michael Untalan, the driver of the car, a man in his early 20s, had also sustained injuries and was also taken to Ventura County Medical Center. His injuries were not serious and by noon the CHP officers had arrested him on suspicion of a felony DUI offense.

The names and identities of the occupants of the car accident were not released yet. The debris of the accident covered the embankment between the freeway, railroad tracks and Auto Center Drive. The Sentra was towed by late Sunday morning. Two right lanes of the southbound freeway were blocked due to the debris and crash. Motorists were being channeled through the single remaining left lane.

Just before 8:15 a.m., a second accident occurred in the backup from the earlier crash. A Nissan Armada SUV that had slowed down to pass through the single lane was rear-ended by a white Toyota van. Due to the impact of the crash, the Nissan Armada rolled over on its roof. The female driver of the Armada sustained injuries and was taken to Ventura County Medical Center.

A driver of the Toyota van was trapped in the car and had to be extracted using hydraulic equipment. He sustained severe injuries and was shifted to the Ventura County Medical Center. Both the drivers in the second crash were the lone occupants of their vehicles. According to the CHP investigators, no signs of alcohol or drug use could be determined as the cause behind the second crash.


DUI (Driving Under Influence) California

DUI (Driving under Influence) is a very serious offense in California, it can cause severe injury or death.

California reports over 1,000 drunk driving deaths every year. Around 29% of California’s traffic fatalities are drunk driving cases. DUI (Driving under the influence) is not only about alcohol.

It also includes driving under the influence of drugs or narcotics, both illegal and legal. There are many over the counter medicines or prescribed drugs that can impair a person’s ability to drive. Driving when impaired is considered a crime. In California the first offense of driving while impaired can involve fines up to $10,000.


California DUI accident lawyer

If you or your family member has been hurt or killed in a collision with a drunk driver, you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and damages from the responsible driver’s insurance company.

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