A man was arrested and a case was registered against him for elder abuse in Freemont residence on Thursday 13th May 2021 after Police saw him sexually assaulting an elderly woman.

The police officers responded to a call at a residence located near Irvington High School in the area of Grimmer Boulevard and Blacow Road.

When they reached the residence they saw a 67-year-old woman being sexually assaulted by a man. The officers intervened and stopped the attack immediately and took the suspect 27-year-old Alexander Lomax into custody.

The victim was taken to the trauma center for treatment of injuries she sustained in the attack. The suspect Alexander Lomax is a homeless male from Hayward, he was charged with sexual assault, elder abuse, and battery.

The Fremont police are also investigating another assault case where a 57-year-old woman said she was walking in the area of Fremont Boulevard and Auto Mall Parkway when she was punched and pushed to the ground by the suspect.

This incident happened on the same day on Thursday morning.  Officials have confirmed that Lomax has been positively identified as the suspect in this incident also.

After pushing down the lady on the ground, Lomax then attempted to sexually assault her. He ran away after being scared away by a witness. Both the investigations are underway and the police have requested people who have information about the incidents to contact the Fremont Police Department’s Investigative Unit at (510) 790-6900.

Growing age is no protection against sexual abuse or assault.  Every year, several elderly people across the country are sexually abused or assaulted by caretakers, family members, nursing home staff members or strangers.

Elderly Sexual Abuse and Assault

When a person above the age of 60 is tricked, manipulated or forced into an unwanted sexual contact it is considered a case of Elder sexual abuse.

Contact could include conducting physical sexual acts or knowingly touching the private parts like breasts, inner thigh, mouth etc.  Forcing an elderly person to watch sex acts or undressing them is also considered an act of Sexual abuse.

The Effects of Elder Sexual Abuse and Assault

Elders who have been victims of abuse are likely to have shorter lifespans as compared to non-abused elders. Moreover, since they are weak and frail, they tend to suffer more severe injuries than younger people who are victims of similar abuse.

They may suffer from bleeding, bruising and infection. They may experience vaginal tearing, injuries to the pelvic region or soft tissues or bones.

The psychological and emotional impact of sexual abuse and assault is severe. The abused elders may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders, experience panic attacks and may have difficulty sleeping. The abuse may end up aggravating existing illnesses, resulting in longer recovery times.

Consulting an elder abuse lawyer

If you believe your loved one has been a victim of elder abuse or assault, get them immediate medical attention. Once they are out of danger and have received care, contact an elder abuse lawyer.

An experienced lawyer can help prevent any further abuse, they can help determine if the elder is entitled to receive financial damages for their suffering and damages.

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