On 25th April 2021, a man was killed in a Pedestrian crash in South Los Angeles. The crash occurred around 9.40 p.m. on Main and 84th Streets in South Los Angeles.

According to the police, the male pedestrian was walking westbound outside the crosswalk on Main Street when the northbound vehicle hit him. Unfortunately was killed in the fatal crash.

The driver of the car cooperated with the authorities, he remained on the scene till the officers arrived. The investigation into the pedestrian accident is ongoing. The identity of the victim and the driver has not been disclosed.

The number of pedestrian accidents is fast increasing in California. Today walking is promoted as one of the healthiest and a positive way of staying fit.

Many people have started to walk to work, school, shopping or just for exercise. But with the number of pedestrians on the road, the dangers of pedestrian crashes have also increased.

According to OTS, in 2018, 893 pedestrians lost their lives and more than 14,000 pedestrians were injured in California accidents. Over 7,500 pedestrians died between 2009 and 2018 in California. No state in the country witnessed as many pedestrian accidents.

California pedestrian right-of-way laws

The California Vehicle Code 29150 states that motorists should yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian who is crossing the roadway on any marked crosswalk or on any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.

A motorist is not allowed to drive on a sidewalk unless it is required for crossing the street. A pedestrian should obey the traffic rules.

However, a motorist is expected to yield the right of way even if the pedestrian does not follow the law properly. A pedestrian has the right of way on both a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

A motorist is required to yield to a blind person using a cane to signal their entry to a crosswalk. Once they pull the cane back, the signal means the driver can proceed.

A motorist should stop at least 5 feet away from a crosswalk giving proper space to pedestrians to cross safely. The drivers are supposed to slow down and be ready to stop anytime when they are approaching an intersection.

Who is liable in a California pedestrian accident?

In a pedestrian accident, the victim can be injured or killed by a car, motorcycle, bicycle or any other vehicle. The standard for liability and negligence in a pedestrian accident is similar to any other personal injury.

To recover compensation from the liable parties the victim needs to prove 3 elements in a personal injury lawsuit:

  1. The driver of the vehicle owed a duty of care to pedestrian
  2. The driver was negligent and breached the duty of care.
  3. The injury or death of the pedestrian was due to the negligence of the driver.


How can a Pedestrian accident attorney help?

If you or your family member has been a victim of a pedestrian accident get in touch with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney at the earliest. A professional pedestrian accident lawyer can help obtain the maximum amount of damages in the form of compensation and can guide the victim or their family on how to deal with the complicated insurance company policies.

The law has set a fixed time limit for filing a personal injury claim. If you fail to file the claim within the time frame, you may lose the right to receive any monetary compensation for the injuries sustained.

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