Every day we read about families being displaced due to a home fire or wildfires. The number of fire accidents is increasing every year. On 29th March 2021, a fire in the early hours of dawn engulfed a house just north of Escondido and displaced a family of five.

The cause of the fire was unknown, around 80% of the house structure was damaged. The fire displaced the residents of the house, two adults and three children.

The thought of us being in a fire rarely crosses our minds, however, one day we may end up finding ourselves in such a scary and dangerous situation. A fire can occur any time at any place; it can be a car fire, a kitchen fire, a defective furnace, wildfire incidents etc.

Fire accidents can cause severe pain and injury both physical and psychological that may never completely heal. If you or your family members have been a victim of a fire accident that was caused due to a third person’s negligence or fault, you deserve to receive financial compensation.

Though it is difficult to erase the trauma and pain of a fire incident, a professional fire accident lawyer can help you receive the best possible compensation for your loss and damages.

In California, wildfires are known to occur for several months of the year, which is known as the fire season. Though the fire seasons used to span only a few months earlier, with the growing environmental changes over the years, the fire season now extends from late spring to the end of the end year, lasting for almost six to eight months. More than 38,000 wildfires were witnessed in 2020.

Even though a wildfire is known to be a natural disaster arising out of environmental conditions, 85% of wildfires are proved to be caused by humans and only 15% are caused by natural factors like lightning or lava. Embers from the wildfires are blown by wind resulting in most fires that burn down homes.

As a homeowner, it is important for you to protect yourself and family from the monetary impact a wildfire can. Having wildfire insurance can be very helpful in such conditions.

A homeowner’s insurance policy generally covers your home and belongings. Most of the policies include coverages to pay for the repair of the house or to replace the house and its contents in case of severe damage by fire.

A house is one of the most valuable assets owned by an individual. Homeowners insurance helps in protecting the person against any loss caused due to an unfortunate accident like a fire. Around 355,400 residential fires are reported by the National Fire Protection Association each year.

What is covered under the Homeowners Insurance?

With regards to fire damage or accident, a homeowners insurance helps to pay for the repairs on the property and belongings.

  • Dwelling coverage

Homeowners insurance covers the cost of the house structure and attached structures like a garage. If a house is uninhabitable when the repairs are being carried out or if the house needs to be rebuilt, as per the Insurance Information Institute (III) the homeowners insurance generally covers payment of additional costs like hotel or restaurant bills for having to live away from home.

  • Detached structures

Unattached structures on the property like sheds, detached garages and fences are also covered under the homeowners insurance. It is popularly known as the “other structures coverage”.

  • Personal property

The Homeowners insurance coverage normally also extends to coverage for personal belongings like appliances, furniture and clothing. The cover protects personal belongings from specific risks like fire and lightning strikes. If the belongings are destroyed in a fire, homeowners insurance will pay to get them repaired or replace them.

Depending on which state and county you live in, the homeowners insurance may also include coverage for wildfire damage. Read your insurance policy and clauses properly to know what types of fires and coverage is applicable.

Wildfires and Insurance Claims

The tragedy of wildfire destruction is immense and victims of wildfires suffer both financially and psychologically. After experiencing devastation in wildfires, facing the issues related to an insurance claim can be the biggest problem faced by people who have suffered losses.

People pay their insurance premiums regularly hoping that when the time arises the insurance company will reimburse them for the losses. However in reality most victims end up fighting for their rights after a tragedy as the insurance company does not live up to their expectations during the claim process. In case of mass tragedies like wildfires, insurance companies need to pay out huge amounts to many people together.

People file claims for their personal losses or damage to their properties. Each person purchases an insurance policy in good faith however, many times the insurance companies don’t compensate them as required.

Experienced wildfire lawyers or fire accident lawyers can provide effective legal representation and fight for the victims’ rights and help them receive the best compensation for their losses.

If you suspect that your insurance company is acting in bad faith and not honoring their commitment to pay the compensation in case of a fire accident or wildfire, contact Khashan Law firm. Our team of experienced lawyers will represent you and hold the insurers accountable. We will ensure you receive a fair compensation for the losses suffered.