Two women and a pet dog were killed in a fatal plane crash when a twin-engine plane crash into Monterey home near the Monterey Regional Airport on Tuesday at 10.40 a.m. The house was located around 1 mile away from the airport on Monterra Ranch road, near Highway 68.

Mary Ellen Carlin and Alice Diane Emig of Rancho Cordova were identified as the deceased passengers of the plane. According to Emig’s family, Carlin was planning to fly Emig from Monterey to Mather in the Sacramento area.

Carlin owned the twin-engine Cessna and was a well-known local flight instructor.

Data from FlightAware, a plane tracking site, showed that the flight departed sometime before 10:40 a.m. and was in the air only a few minutes before it crashed into the Monterra Ranch neighborhood.

As per the air traffic control audio received, the flight seemed to encounter a problem immediately after takeoff. The controller is heard telling “Low altitude alert. Climb immediately.” “[The plane] is experiencing an in-flight emergency.”

The cause of the crash is unknown and the officials have not been able to confirm who was piloting the plane, however, Carlin’s son, David Carlin, said that he is confident that his mother was the pilot. He stated that Carlin flew the pane for over a decade and was a great pilot.

She had over thousands of flying hours. She was a flight instructor and had trained dozens of students.

The home where the plane crashed belonged to Roger and Julie Goulart, who are residents of Bay Area, Monterey County. Roger Goulart is a vice president at Coupa Software, and the house was their second home.

Goulart confirmed that their daughter was staying at the house at the time of the crash, but luckily was not inside at the time. They had purchased the Monterra Ranch Road home in September 2020 for $3.1 million

A witness to the crash, Tony Trujillo, a neighborhood caretaker stated that he saw the plane fly very low and heard the trees crackling. The plane hit the house and crashed right into the living room.

Firefighters assessed the crash site and said that around 60% of the residence was affected by the fire, and plane debris. Whether the house can be repaired or not is still unclear.

The crash is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.


There can be numerous reasons and causes for an aviation accident . It is difficult to determine the actual cause of the crash. Most of the time there are multiple factors responsible for the accident.

Below mentioned are some of the common causes of plane crashes:

1] Pilot Error

With improved technology, the safety measures in the aviation industry have also improved immensely in recent years. However, a pilot error can still be one of the key reasons for aviation accidents.

Though the pilots are highly trained and have undergone several hours of flying, there are chances that even a small error on their part can cause an accident.

2] Mechanical Failure

Another common cause of aviation accidents is mechanical failure. An aircraft runs on complex systems and any failure in the system can cause an accident.

Mechanical failures like faulty design, manufacturer defects, maintenance issues etc. can be responsible for a plane crash.

3] Weather

As per the Federal Aviation Administration , 23% of all aviation accidents across the world are weather-related accidents. Flying can be difficult and dangerous in poor weather conditions like thunderstorms or winter storms.

4] Bird Strikes

The number of bird strikes with an aircraft is around 16,000 every year in the country. Though in most cases the bird strikes may cause negligible or very little damage to the aircraft.

5] Insufficient Fuel

Though insufficient fuel being the cause of an airplane crash is a rare occurrence, it has happened in the past.

6] Air Traffic Controller Error

Air traffic controllers are responsible for keeping the planes safe and navigating them. They are responsible to guide the pilots while takeoff and landings, control their flight paths to avoid collisions, ensure the air traffic is controlled and keep the pilots updated about in-air emergencies.

If the air traffic controllers fail to communicate with the pilot or do their part in minimizing risk, they can cause an airplane crash. Aviation Accident Lawyer California.

Causes of plane crash into Monterey

Though airplane crashes or aviation accidents are rare, they can cause significant damages to human life and property. The consequences of aviation accidents can have a long-lasting impact.

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