A 10-year-old boy was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 15 in Hesperia. On Saturday morning, a travel trailer crashed into a vehicle around 9:49 a.m. less than a mile north of Main Street.

As per the California Highway Patrol logs both the trailer and vehicle overturned on their sides in the shoulder off the No. 1 lane.

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department the 10-year-old boy, Alexander Jacob Westendorf, was a passenger of one of the vehicles.

Fire Battalion Chief Steve Tracy said that the boy had been ejected from the vehicle at the time of the crash. It was not ascertained whether he was riding the vehicle or the trailer. Alexander was a resident of Hesperia.

The cause of the travel trailer accident is not clear and the case is still under investigation.

Over the last few years, the demand for RVs (Recreational vehicles) has been on a rise in America. However, the higher the number of these ungainly vehicles on the road higher would be the number of accidents.

RVs are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of the common RVs seen on the road are:

  • Motorhomes: Trailer trucks converted into portable homes, with beds, bathrooms, and a kitchen.
  • Bus Conversions: Commercial Buses or School buses converted into moving homes
  • Campervans
  • Truck Campers
  • Travel Trailers
  • Caravans

These recreational vehicles are very tricky to drive. Due to their size, they are harder to maneuver as compared to cars or trucks, they are difficult to break.

RVs are not very stable to drive on the winding roads of California, resulting in injuries to the passengers or pedestrians, or other vehicles on the road.

Determining the liability for RV accidents is not easy. In most cases, though the drivers of the RV are at fault, there are several instances where the RV manufacturers are responsible for producing the faulty or malfunctioning vehicle.

In some cases, government agencies responsible for maintaining roads may be liable if the accident occurs due to badly kept or dangerous roads.

Whatever may be the reason for an accident, the victims of RV or trailer accidents are entitled to receive significant monetary compensation for their injuries or losses.

What are the common types of accidents involving Recreation Vehicles?

Some of the common RV accidents are:

  • RV rollover accidents: RVs are huge and have a great height, this increases their risk of rollover accidents.
  • Fatigued Driving: People use their RVs to go on long road trips or vacations. Long journeys can cause fatigue and drivers may often fall asleep at the wheel leading to fatal accidents
  • Distracted driving: While traveling with family or friends on a holiday or road trip, there can be instances when the driver is distracted. Checking for routes on maps or phones while driving can also be distracting. A few minutes of distraction can end up in a tragic accident.
  • Rear-end Collisions
  • T-Bone accidents
  • Defects: There can be a manufacturing defect in the RV or tire blowouts or brake failures causing the accident

Contact a Professional Personal Injury lawyer for RV accident injuries

RVs are very dangerous vehicles and accidents caused by them can be fatal or very serious. Getting help from a professional personal injury lawyer can ensure you get the most compensation for the accident injuries.

Due to their massive size, RV drivers are required to keep more distance from other vehicles and follow certain guidelines while driving. The manufacturer’s specifications recommend not driving under certain road conditions.

These unique circumstances make it difficult to determine an RV driver’s liability in an accident.

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