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Tractor Trailers accident

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Tractor Trailers Accident

Tractor trailer accidents can be disastrous. The size and enormousness of these tractor trailers cause immense damage and can result in fatal accidents. The size of these trucks may save the drivers, and they may come out unscathed from the accident, but the victims may not be so fortunate enough. Tractor trailers accidents can arise from a number of factors.

  • Poor maintenance of the equipment, can result in faulty brakes
  • Careless and irresponsible driving by the truck drivers as they have to meet tough deadlines for deliveries.
  • No proper safety standards followed, businesses focusing only on maximum profits from their business.


If you or your family member has been a victim of a tractor trailer accident, our experienced team of lawyers at Khashan Law firm can help you successfully recover the best compensation for your injuries or damages.

Transport companies running these tractor trailers are very well aware about the federal and state regulations related to transportation. The organisation or its drivers are said to be acting negligently in case they fail to abide by the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. Hence if negligence is proven to be the reason for the catastrophic tractor trailer accident, these parties can be held liable and sued to compensate for the costs of medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of wages or earnings, and other damages.

Parties liable for the Tractor Trailers accident:
  • The driver: If the tractor trailers accident had occurred because of the truck driver’s negligence or recklessness, the transport company will be held liable for the accident as they are the employer of the driver. In instances when the driver is an independent contractor, the company can be still held liable. The trucking company is responsible for maintaining the trucks and ensure they are in working condition, even if they have leased the tractor trailer and do not own it.
  • The transport company: In case of improper training provided to the drivers or pressurising the drivers with tight deadlines or compromising the laws for carrying out the business, are the reasons for the accident, the transport company can be held liable for the tractor trailers accident.
  • Truck manufacturer: In case where a tractor trailers accident occurs because of defective parts of the truck brakes or tires, the truck manufacturer can be held liable.
  • Third party driver: If another vehicle driver was responsible for the tractor trailers accident, that driver of that vehicle can be held responsible for the accident.

If you or your family members have suffered severe injuries in a tractor trailers accident in California, you need to quickly contact a lawyer, who can represent you. Experienced lawyers can guide you through the entire civil proceedings and help in securing the best possible compensation for you. We at Khashan Law provide legal representation on a contingency fee basis. Call us at (951) 461-2387 for a free, confidential consultation.

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