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Prison can be a very hostile environment, tucked away from the rest of society as what many describe as a different world led by different rules. It is not uncommon to experience overcrowding, violence, and at times riots inside of a jail. Although American jail systems do their best to ensure all facilities abide by the law, unfortunately most inmate misconduct crimes are swept under the rug and out of the public eye. Although inmates are criminals in prison to pay for their crimes, they are still human with constitutional rights.


If you feel that you or someone you know has been treated unfairly and cruelly, don’t hesitate to contact the Southern California Prison Abuse lawyers at Khashan Law. Our well-experienced team will discuss the facts and details of your unique case and help determine the best way to handle the claim in your favor.

Common Prison Abuse Examples

You should be treated with constitutional rights and freedoms regardless if you have commited a crime. No one should be able to get away with inmate misconduct, including prison guards. Some common examples of prison abuse include:

  • Torture
  • Physical abuse
  • Excessive force
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological/verbal abuse
  • Starvation
  • Failure to prevent or control inmate violence
  • Racial discrimination
  • Preventing inmates freedom of religion
  • Neglecting to provide inmates with adequate care
  • Murder

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Misconduct by fellow inmates

Besides proper inmate treatment by prison staff, prison guards are required to take reasonable steps to ensure inmate safety, including protecting them from violence by other inmates. Prisons must take the measures to prevent inmate abuse from occurring, as well as prevent inmate abuse from continuing. One of the most common examples of inmate abuse from other inmates is through using physical violence which includes beating, stabbing, and committing sexual assault.


Wrongful death while in prison

The government may be held liable for situations where a prisoner dies because the prison failed to provide them proper medical treatment. Jails are required to provide inmates medical care to treat any serious health-related issues without withholding or delaying proper care. Prison officials also cannot purposefully interfere with medical treatment, for example, refusing to carry out orders to call medical attention.


Do I have rights as an inmate?

California’s prisons still must abide by state laws, including giving inmates their constitutional rights. Unfortunately it is common to associate prison abuse and brutality as “normal,” but it’s not. Your rights should not be disregarded as soon as you step through prison doors. Inmates still have rights including the following:

  • The right to humane conditions and facilities
  • The right to Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The right to proper medical care/mental health careo
  • The right of freedom from sexual crimes
  • The right to freedom from racial segregation
  • The right to a hearing if transferred to a mental health facility


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When your rights are not being upheld, it is critical to have a Southern California inmate violence attorney fighting on your team. If you are in Southern California and need an inmate abuse attorney for you or a loved one, call Khashan Law today for a free consultation. We at Khashan Law have successfully represented several prison abuse victims. We are here to guide you through the lawsuit and protect you while serving justice to corrupt prison systems.