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The Khashan Law Firm is a full service general practice law center representing clients throughout Southern California in a wide array of legal issues. Although the Khashan Law Firm primarily focuses on representing individuals injured in all types of accidents, our Attorneys have a wide variety of experience and knowledge and have represented thousands of clients in serious Personal Injury cases and more. The Attorneys at the Khashan Law Firm have recovered millions of dollars in Verdicts and Settlements for our clients and accept nothing less than the best possible result in each and every case. Mr. Khashan over-sees and handles each case personally and maintains the highest client satisfaction rate in the industry. Call Mr. Khashan directly at (951) 461-2387 Ext: 203 to set up your Free initial consultation or to seek a second opinion as to your legal issue.

Lewis G. Khashan, Esq.


(951) 461-2387 Ext: 203


Mr. Thomas

I hired Mr. Khashan to represent my son in a criminal matter where my son was facing several years in prison. I spoke with many other attorneys prior to meeting Mr. Khashan and my family and I didn't feel the confidence we felt when we first spoke with Mr. Khashan. We hired him immediately and he when to work. The results were amazing and my son was given a 2nd chance to redeem himself, pay restitution for what he did, and get the help he needed. For Mr. Khashan's hard work and effort I couldn't thank him enough. Highly recommended.

Mrs. Martin

I hired Mr. Khashan to represent me in a family law matter where my ex-spouse was attempting to take full custody of our 6 year daughter. He wanted full custody with supervised visitations and asked the court that I pay child support and spousal support when throughout the entire relationship he never provided anything for our family. Mr. Khashan immediately went to work against a well known family law specialist and obtained court orders completely in my favor and much more than I originally asked for and expected. I thank Mr. Khashan greatly for his assistance and will ALWAYS hire him to represent me in any future matters that may arise.

L. Frantos

I hired Mr. Khashan's firm to represent me in a personal injury case. I had a prior attorney who recommended that I take the insurance company's offer of $10,000 to settle my claim in full. After reviewing my file Mr. Khashan felt that my case was worth significantly more. After months of fighting the insurance company's offer and the threat to take it trial Mr. Khashan settled my case in mediation for $545,000.00. I thank him and his staff graciously for their hard work and belief in my case that made all the difference. I highly recommend this firm.